Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I read the expiry code on the can?
  • We do not use a best by date because our products have a very long shelf life. If the can is undamaged, the product may be safe for consumption indefinitely. However, we believe our products containing chicken are at their best quality up to 3 years after the production date. Products containing beef and pork are best up to 5 years after the production date, as well as products containing no meat.

    To learn how to read the code, we will break down sample code: C2215 70101 9:35 EST 642.

    The first letter in the code is representative of the month. "A" stands for January and so forth, excluding the letter "I". "C" corresponds with the month of March. The next two digits represents the day of the month, in this example March 22. The final two digits represent the year. So the production date in this example is March 22, 2015. The next set of numbers identify the recipe in the can. The sample code features Pasta Twirls with Beef. This means the product contains beef and is at its best quality up to March 22, 2020. The following set of numbers is the military time the can was filled. In this example, the can was filled at 9:35am. The last set of letters and numbers identifies the USDA inspection per the meat present in the can.

  • Where can I purchase your products?
  • We sale directly to distributors. This means we have minimal control over which stores receive our products and cannot guarantee a steady supply of product to your preferred store. The best way to bring product to the attention of your store is to talk to the managers and purchasers and contact your retail chain.

  • How do I apply for a job with Vietti?
  • Vietti offers vast work opportunities and uses career sites for all job openings. Our most commonly used site is Indeed. We are constantly looking for temp and full time positions and encourage you to apply.